Safe Home Painting Service

Initiating small renovations or painting your home can be exciting, but choosing the right colours, products, and house painters can be a task. All the while, you also have to ensure the home interior painting job is executed on time with utmost care and safety. This is where we come in, with our aim to make painting a safe and great experience! Presenting Asian Paints Safe Ezypainting Service, where you can reimagine your house as a huge yet untouched blank canvas. 

Start your consultation with Asian Paints Safe Ezypainting Service and we will guide you through all the questions you may have.

Our Services

Color Consultancy

Wallpapers & Textures

Trained Contractors

Best-in-class Products

Supervised Painting


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Second-guessing your décor decisions is not unusual, so that’s something we’ve accounted with our colour consultants. They work with you from square one and bring the stark resemblance to the bare walls.

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Wallpapers add an effortless edge to any given room. Select the perfect wallpaper design or pattern from our ultimate repository of wallpapers for your home and continue the colour scheme you wish to see!

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Our professionals are not only experts in their field of work, but also get specialised training to make them the best wall painters and ensure your home’s safety. Every contractor under our belt goes through the same training to give your home a safe and beautiful makeover.

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As a leader in the paint industry, we offer a vast range of paints for home and commercial spaces to suit your budget and requirements.

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The entire process of work is monitored and timely inspected by our professional associate. Once the site is ready, we do a post-painting clean-up & home disinfection service and will give you a walkthrough of how to take care of your walls.

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Our range of Safe Ezypainting Service come with a seal of trusted service warranty up to 2 Years.

To paint your home, please give us a call at To paint your home, please give us a call at 09612003355

Let us help you build your dream home.

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How It Works?

1. Fill the form online

1. Fill the form online

Our customer service executive will ask for a suitable time for site evaluation.

2. Product & site consultation

2. Product & site consultation

Our Asian Paints Safe Ezypainting Service Associate will get in touch with you. The associate will assist with all your queries, and provide a product and site consultation.

3. Select a shade

3. Select a shade

Our experts will help you finalise a shade from the range of curated yet safe colours for your walls.

4. Day 1 of work

4. Day 1 of work

Once the colours have been selected, we cover the floor and necessary furniture with plastic. We also disinfect the site before beginning of the painting job and the final handover.

5. Site execution

5. Site execution

According to the outline, we follow our well-established framework to follow high quality and on-time delivery of the perfect painting job.

6. Site handover

6. Site handover

Once the site is neat and ready, we provide a post-painting clean-up and home disinfection service which is followed by a walkthrough of tips and tricks to take care of the walls.

Choose A Plan That Best Suits You


Classic Plan

check-mark Included
  • Free home survey
  • Colour consultancy
  • Expert and trained painters
  • Mechanized tools
  • Waterproofing solution
  • Furniture masking and covering
safe Warranty
  • 1 year service warranty

Platinum Plan*

check-mark Included
  • Luxury Products
  • Free Home survey
  • Colour consultancy
  • Mechanized tools – Sander, Electric Mixer and Sprayer
  • On time site completion – 5% cashback*
  • Professional cleaning service
safe Warranty
  • 2 years service warranty

Customer Speak

What is Asian Paints Safe Ezypainting Service?

We at Asian Paints are here to facilitate a professional experience and to that end, have partnered with service providers and painting professionals all over Bangladesh. The Safe Painting Service connects you with a service provider/painting professional who will help deliver safe and hygienic home painting/sanitization services using genuine and quality Asian Paints products. The service also allows for free consultation with our representative to assist in the selection of paint products, shades, textures, etc.

How will Asian Paints Safe Ezypainting Service go about painting your home?

As part of this service, our representative will contact you to understand your painting needs. The associate will visit your premises and do the site evaluation. Based on the site evaluation and your painting/sanitization requirements, the associate will provide the service provider’s quotation for painting your premises. All the processes are carried out while following stringent safety protocols which include temperature checks, site sanitization, enhanced supervision and 10+ safety measures to ensure a safe environment. The Supervisor will also be available to assist the site on regular intervals, or, on need basis to do quality checks and supervise the painting work.

How can one register for Asian Paints Safe Painting Service ?

You may contact us at:

Phone -09612003355, in between  9 am to 9 pm

Email -

Or fill up the form on this page.

Who will paint my house?

We have a panel of contractors and painters with the service providers, who are trained by us with respect to our product range. The painters are trained to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed. They are also trained in textures and specialty paint finishes.

After the painting work is over, will Asian Paints Safe Painting Service be clean up my house?

Yes, we do the post-painting clean up for your home and leave your home clean, sanitized and beautifully painted.

What are the tools used during painting and how will they benefit me?

As part of the service, we use mechanized tools to ensure superior finish. We conduct scientific site evaluation through moisture meters and take accurate measurement through laser-based digital distance meters. Covering and masking of furniture is done through masking films. Superior sanding is done through electric sanders and dust extraction is carried out by vacuum cleaners. We also use the Ultra Hand Held Sprayer to get a uniform paint finish, quicker. All this ensures that home painting is a hassle-free process.

What are the features of Asian Paints Safe Painting Service?

- Stringent safety protocols are followed

- Get expert guidance for product and shade selection

- Complete supervision during the execution of site

- Complete site sanitization

- Asian Paints product warranty

What are the benefits of Asian Paints Safe Painting Service?

- Peace of mind as we ensure complete safety for you and your family

- A complete hassle-free experience

- Visualize how your home will look like with your selected colours via our consultation

- Access to some of the industry’s best products for wallpapers and textures

- Expert painters who provide a superior finish

Will Asian Paints Safe Painting Service assist me in shifting and covering furniture before painting starts?

We cover the floor, furniture, doors, windows, cupboards, etc., with masking sheets, before we start painting to prevent any damage during the painting process. Our team also helps you shift the furniture.

Safe EzyPainting Service For Your Home

There’s a lot that goes into painting a house. From inception to execution, our house painting service takes care of every detail in the process. When it comes to home colour painting, finding a professional paint service for home that ticks all the boxes can be challenging. Our house painters are trained to follow proper safety measures, so you can have a hassle-free and safe experience.