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The painting process might feel like an inconvenience. But with our ezypainting service we take that responsibility fully on ourselves. From initial free site inspection we get started to make your dreams a reality. We help you calculate the budget and the whole painting process is done in the given time without causing you any sort of disturbance. The entire procedure is completed by our certified, trained expert painters This way you get to sit back and relax while we help you achieve the best results for your home. 


steps of ezypainting

Step 1

Selecting paints and shades at the ezycolour store with the help of our professional colour consultant; see how the colour combinations would work in a real environment using the visualizing machine; get a “real feel” by touching and feeling the shade panels and finally deciding on the correct set of products and a suitable finish.


How we help you decide:

1. Our professional Consultant will give you free advice which will help you choose products and finishes within our range of products

2. The Product Information Sheets (PIS) provide all the information you need to know about the products.

3. The Ezycolour Colour visualizer will help you get an idea how the colour combinations will look in a real room with actual furniture also real life shade panels will give you the feel of each of the textured shades to help you make the decision easily.


Step 2 

Our representative (CCR) will give a free site inspection and give a proper estimate of the paintable area.


To help you decide:

1. We offer a free site inspection through our CCR 

2. Help you get a proper idea about how much area has to be painted.


Step 3

Budget calculation


To help you decide:

1. We offer you free budget estimation according to the paintable area. 

2. We give exact idea of how much you will be spending 


Step 4

Written agreement will take place between you and the dealer if you decide to take the service you will have to provide a fixed amount of advance payment to get the work started. 


Step 5

Dealer will inform the contractor and start the process. 


Step 6

Taking the responsibility from your shoulders, we offer you a chance of a lifetime to enjoy while we do the hard work and hassle of painting. 


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