Decora synthetic enamel

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Our range of hi quality undercoats for metals are extremely durable and take care of all your painting needs. These specially formulated products help enhance the finish you plan to give to the metal fittings at home.

Trucare Grey 1-Pack Epoxy Primer

Asian Paints TruCare Grey 1-Pack Epoxy Primer is an epoxy based metal primer that offers best-in-class rust protection to metal surfaces.


Apcolite Advanced 2-pack Epoxy Primer Grey

Asian Paints Apcolite 2-pack Epoxy Primer Grey is a two component, Epoxy Zinc Phosphate primer with surface tolerant property.


Smartcare High Performance Redoxide Metal Primer

Asian Paints SmartCare High Performance Red Oxide Metal Primer is an epoxy based metal primer that offers best-in-class rust protection to metal surfaces.


Trucare Yellow Metal Primer

Asian Paints TruCare Yellow Metal Primer gives metal surfaces excellent anti-rust protection. Keep your artifacts corrosion-free and beautiful for longer.


Decoprime Premium Metal Primer

Decoprime Premium Metal Primer is a red oxide primer that can be used as an undercoat on iron-based surfaces. Its strong adhesion and good rust protection gives you the assurance of a rust-free living space.


Royale Enamel Metal Basecoat

Luxury is in each detail with Royale Luxury Enamel Wood & Metal Basecoat. It comes with unique anti-corrosion and strong adhesion properties to give your wood and metal decor at home a fabulous rich look.


Trucare Red Oxide Metal Primer

Give your home’s metal surfaces a rich and long lasting look. TruCare Red Oxide Metal Primer comes with an exceptional corrosion resistance and also offers good opacity, coverage, flow, and leveling properties.


Utsav Metal Primer

A perfect undercoat for iron-based metal substrates, Ustav Metal Primer helps to give them a smooth and long lasting finish.


Trucare Knifing Paste Filler

Are surface dents spoiling the look of your furniture and walls? Asian Paints TruCare Knifing Paste Filler can be used on most surface imperfections to give them a smooth finish.


Trucare Primer Surfacer & Brushing Filler

TruCare Primer Surfacer & Brushing Filler works as a good corrosion resistant undercoat and filler. It can be used to cover minor surface imperfections.