ColourNext is an annual colour and decor trend forecast. Each year, Asian Paints collaborate with experts from different disciplines to put together a comprehensive forecast of colours, materials, textures and finishes. As the year unfolds, these trends become more evident across design fields.


Have a look at the four trends forecasted for 2021: Habitat, A Home New World, Felicity and Z Futures.

Cherish 2021

In the face of uncertainty, seeking refuge is our most natural response, but there’s also a need to be present in the

‘now’ and mine the best it has to offer. Like the sunset promises a new day, 2021 brings with it a tingling energy, a

fresh start. So, we gravitate towards colours that not only comfort us but also breathe new life into our spaces.

Colours that allow us to cherish the fleeting joys that give us reasons to smile. 



Live, Love & Cherish

As we step into a new decade, let's experience the present. Embracing every little joy in a whole new way.

For what's life, if we don't let the magic of 'now' nurture us. A peaceful green symbolizing balance,

like the soft blooming of life.

Decor Trends

Have a look at the four trends forecasted for 2021: Habitat, A Home New World, Felicity and Z Futures




Brands around the world are being forced to rethink their offerings around watchwords like restraint, durability and responsibility. Driven by the change in our value systems, we revisit the fundamentals of design- of placing function and value over indulgence and pure aesthetics.


A Home New World

Remote Working is no longer a fringe activity. Catalysed the pandemic, our work culture has drastically changed. We’ve been pushed to rethink our relationship to homes and workspaces overall.


Z Futures

Z Futures is inspired by the self-assured, liberal and fluid attitude of Gen Zs- a youthful spirit of adventure mixed with the calm of domestic cosy.



The path ahead is one of restoration and healing, of responding collectively with solutions that present a healthier, more optimistic and balanced future.